Tell a story, do not just report

As quality professionals, we make reports/presentations for/to senior management. We are typically generous with facts and spice it with graphs. But will they achieve the objective that we want when present to senior management?

This article published by T Ashok in Tea-time with Testers Oct-Nov 2014, illustrates how a story telling approach could be far more effective than dense and drab reporting.

The promise

Our focus as testers is typically on finding issues in the product/application. And it is a good goal to pursue. But, is there a greater goal? If so what is it and how can we help?

This article published by T Ashok in Tea-time with Testers Sep 2014, illustrates how a tester could enable the business to deliver their promises to the customer by being a facilitator to understanding expectations clearly rather than just evaluate the product.

Load testing is not bombarding the system with concurrent users

You cannot apply the thinking of testing a typical web site to that of a web application. The former has only two operations – GET and PUT whilst a web application offers set of features each one being a collection of GET and PUT.

This uses the analogy of road traffic to illustrate this simply. Written by T Ashok for Aug 2014 issue of Tea-time with Testers eZine, this was inspired by a discussion with the senior management of company of how to test their innovative application suite that transforms human capital.

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