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CleanSoft Academy (a division of STAG Software) has been actively providing transformational learning solutions in the form of career programs for fresh graduates and skill enhancement programs for corporate personnel in the field of Software Testing & Quality.

We have recently embarked on a new initiative of creating online learning platform to reach out to much larger pool of consumers. 


Business Development Manager to actively engage with the community to build relationships with Corporates, Institutes, Portals, Forums & Colleges to sell our learning/skilling products for the wider global market.


You will be hands-on in devising sales strategy and plan to drive revenue growth. To intensely connect with market place, you aggressively hit the road as well as cyberspace indulging in wide variety of interesting interactions and events.

Obviously, you will keep your ear to the ground, sense the industry trends, customer expectations and competition to make the required shifts quickly. As you know that all customers and opportunities are not alike, you will design right pitch for the occasion by focusing on the key stakeholders. Needless to say, you enjoy being in the forefront, right from sensing the opportunity till closing the deal.

Skills & Attributes

You cheerfully assimilate new stuff rapidly; delight in building positive associations within organization and outside.  As a self-starter, not hesitating to dream big, you have the tenacity to go all out to succeed and get a kick out of delivering great results while savoring the journey.

You astutely utilize digital/social media campaigns and real/virtual conclaves to target the right set, take diligent follow up actions to convert opportunities into meaningful business. You relish making striking presentations by scripting sharp & engaging content.

If you think all this is a tall order, don’t bother.  If you have the fervor and spirit to break the barriers to experience the apogee of your career, demonstrate your hunger to us by sending a one page write-up on    “Trends in virtual learning” to and connect with us for a chat.

“Frictionless testing” for developers

Very often in discussions with senior technical folks, the topic of developer testing and early stage quality pops up. And it is always about ‘we do not do good enough developer testing’ and how it has increased post release support. And they are keen on knowing ‘how to make developers test better and diligently’ and outlining their solution approach via automation and stricter process. The philosophy is always about “more early testing” which typically has been harder to implement. Should we really test more?

This article published by T Ashok in Tea-time with Testers Jan-Feb  2015, suggests “frictionless testing” to enable a developer to do less and therefore deliver  great early stage code.

Possible via HBT