Language shapes the way you think

June 18th, 2014

Language is made of ‘syntax’ (the rules) and ‘semantics’ (the content). Syntax shapes how & how-well we understand the content. Syntax is a great guide. A guide who provides you the rules. Rules that enable you to stay on the path of clarity. Clarity of thought and clear communication. Language has a significant role in the former too.

T Ashok recently presented a talk on the same topic covering the above points to a gathering of enthusiastic test professionals at a Pune-based provider of software and services for communications, media and entertainment industry service providers. Below is the presentation:

A similar article was published in “Musings Over Tea Time – Anthology of T Talks by T Ashok” in May 2014. The full article is available on page 15 under the title “Language shapes the way we think” and can be accessed here.

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Musings Over Tea Time – Anthology of T Talks by T Ashok

June 2nd, 2014

A special collection of all the articles written by T Ashok in the last 3 years in Tea Time with Testers ezine, was published as “Musings over tea time – anthology of T Talks by T Ashok”, in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of Tea-Time with Testers, ezine in May 2014.

To read this special issue, click the link here.

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The shattered tube light

June 2nd, 2014

Most often defect information is used to make judgment of quality. We use the rate of arrival. If the number of defects found decrease with time, we infer that the quality is improving. Let us deliberate upon this. Defects become visible when failures are noticed, which are the result of latent fault(s). And this happens when we ‘sweep’ the system with a set of inputs i.e. test-cases. And if we have not covered the important areas of the software equivalent to ‘sweeping the room’, then we may not surface these defects. And therefore no ‘glass shards’, until it pokes us – Ouch.

In the May 2014 issue of Tea-time with Testers, ezine, T Ashok narrates a personal story as analogy to drive home the point in the article – The shattered tube light. Read below the full article:

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