Agile Sutra: “Do more by doing less, Prevent rather than detect” (Webinar Q&A Audio)

We had an interactive audience for the webinar -Agile Sutra: “Do more by doing less, Prevent rather than detect” – on Mar 14, 2013. Here are a list of questions posed by the attendees to the speaker Mr T Ashok, Founder & CEO of STAG Software –

  1. How does the concept of clean user story be adapted for changing requirements where the scope creep is imminent
  2. Who do you think is a good tester? The one who straight away rises the bug in bug tracker or the one who communicates with the developer and get it fixed asap? Can relate this with “Do more by doing less”
  3. How does this technique will be useful in Non-Planned maintenance work (incident handling)?
  4. We are working in front-end & back-end system, when design is not yet completed and big picture is not clear yet, in this situation how to arrive the estimation for build & test
  5. What happens to agile process if our product design fails while integrating with different modules?
  6. We do have different platform of unix flavour … windows… 32/64 bit,,, where we need to cover almost all platform testing… how do we make sure in Agile we can cover almost every individual test in all platform
  7. Typically, agile dev/testing works best as a single team sitting together. This webinar seems to suggest that way of thinking too. How could the processes mentioned here be applied to remote test support on agile projects. Particularly if, say, there is a 5.5 hour time difference?
  8. Please could you explain “good citizen” test, once again?
  9. As HBT focuses on defect prevention, and also the fact that there has to be test strategy/design to ensure clean software; are you suggesting that the testing should then be based on past experience (human errors, company processes) rather than requirement gaps?

Listen to the answers by clicking on the play button below:

You can also access the webinar presentation slides & webinar recording here.

If you have any other questions, please write to us.

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