Agile Sutra: “Do more by doing less, Prevent rather than detect” (Webinar)

In Agile development, focus on quality is ingrained via continual testing done relying on automation. Testing focuses on ensuring “clean” user stories and is periodic in nature, as the software is broken into smaller chunks delivered in sprints. But wait.. Should we be doing so much testing at all? Are we seeing the big picture of the system when testing?

Extreme focus on the small, we have observed has resulted in losing the big picture resulting in interesting field defects. With the system having been decomposed into smaller chunks that are easier to test, the challenge is in the interactions / interconnections.

STAG hosted a webinar on March 14, 2013, highlighting how HBT (Hypothesis Based Testing) can enable you to “do more by doing less” via enhanced defect prevention ability rather than find more. HBT aids you to rapidly understand user stories and their interactions ensuring the “big picture” is not lost, and sensitise you to potential defects, so as not to create the defect in the first place!

You can view the webinar slidedeck below:

You can view / download the webinar recording here. You can also hear to the Q&A session of the webinar session here.

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