Deliver Superior Outcomes Using HBT Quality Visualisation Tool (Webinar)

Delivering great outcomes requires an excellent orchestration of activities commencing with understanding, strategy & design, accelerated execution and finally rapid objective feedback. A “good mirror” that enables a frank and objective feedback rapidly is a key ingredient to continuous adjustment and adaptation.

Normally this is done by collection of typical measures related to defects, coverage, blockers etc, which provides some level of data as to the state of where we are and how good is the product.

STAG presented a webinar on Feb 26, 2014 which outlines an innovative visualization tool based on HBT that displays quality and test progress so clearly, that it will force you to take clear actions to deliver superior outcomes.

You can view the webinar slidedeck below:

You can view / download the webinar recording here. You can also hear to the Q&A session of the webinar session here.

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