“I am very impressed with STAG’s approach to testing. Their quality of test design and completeness of testing as a result of their methodology is evident in every release.”

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Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT) is a personal test methodology that is unique in its approach to ensuring cleanliness of software. It is not a process system; rather it is a methodology for an individual to deliver clean software. It is based on sound engineering principles geared to deliver the promise of clean software.

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Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT) is a personal test methodology based on solid scientific principles, it is like the “Sherlock Holmes-ian” approach to testing - hypothesize potential defects and then scientifically constructing the strategy and test cases, measures and tooling.

HBT consists of six stages of cleanliness. It is powered by a unique defect detection technology (STEM™ - STAG Test Engineering Method. STEM was published in the ‘Unisys Technology Review’ a journal of great repute in Japan.) - consisting of eight personal thinking disciplines aided by thirty two core concepts that aid scientific enquiry. Evaluation of a software/system in HBT consists of setting up cleanliness criteria, then identifying potential defect types, staging them in an optimal order to create a cost-effective staged evaluation model, formulating the various types of test and corresponding techniques and then a formal design process to ensure that the test cases are sufficient and then automating them as needed.

HBT consists of personal scientific inquiry process that is assisted by techniques, principles and guidelines to decompose the problem, identify cleanliness criteria, hypothesize potential defect types, formulate test strategy, design test cases, identify metrics and build appropriate automation.


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