“STAG focus on scientific way of doing testing with their methodology HBT was reflected in the effectiveness of test artifacts created by their team.”

Raj Khare, Chairman and Founder, Surewaves
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Typical in-vogue test methodologies have relied on strength of process and the capability of the individual to ensure high quality within given cost and time constraints. They lack the scientific rigor to enable full cost optimisation and more often rely on execution automation as a means of driving down cost and cycle time. For example, they do not provide a strong basis for assessing the quality of test cases in terms of their defect-finding potential and therefore, do not improve effectiveness and efficiency.


STAG applies a unique test methodology called Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT). HBT is built on the core theme of hypothesizing potential defects and then scientifically constructing the strategy and test cases, measures and tooling.

This is the outcome of our effort to ‘Guarantee’ quality, by making the approach to evaluation more goal-focused. This means we have clarity of what potential defects to go after. Having discerned the potential defects by employing a scientific thinking, it is then possible to arrive at an effective validation strategy, a complete set of test cases, better measures of cleanliness (quality) and appropriate tooling. HBT is therefore an approach to testing that is about establishing a hypothesis and proving/disproving them.

Over the last decade, HBT has been applied across various domains, technologies, at various stages of the product/application life cycle in early stage to large mature organizations and delivered significant value to our customers.

We have increased the defect detection abilities by at least 3x, reduced defect escapes by 50%-1000%, reduced support costs by 30% and saved over US$ 100 Million for our customers.

HBT featured as cover story in 'The SmartTechie' magazine, in Oct 2010 issue. Click here to read the story.

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