“When we explored the market, we were surprised to find that there were no such offerings readily available. STAG was presented the opportunity of developing an offering for Sasken. STAG designed an assessment of good quality.”

Viswanatha Rao Thumparthy, General Manager, Sasken
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STAG has valued customer across the spectrum of domains, industries and technologies. They range from startups to large established organizations, from services to product development, from system integrators to captives.

We have always prided on delivering unique solutions for each of our customer.

The landscape spans across organizations in the areas of ERP, SCM, service integrators, Logistics, Healthcare & Medical systems, Banking, Imaging, Internet search engines & portals, Office enterprise applications, wireless technology, service integrators, consumer media, chip set developers, mobile applications developers, protocol stack developers, imaging and printing, mobile device management and IPTV.

Names and references will be provided on request.

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