“A true partner to GXS, STAG has worked with almost all the groups and has also provided boutique solutions like Test design services and end-to-end automation of the Trading Grid using QTP and Perl.”

Ramesh B R, Program Manager, GXS
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Enabling enterprises to reap the full benefits of the Cloud/SaaS model

Today, Cloud/SaaS business and computing models have matured and adoption has become more widespread and grown dramatically among users of enterprise software solutions. However, loss of control over changes requires enterprises to spend additional effort improving their quality assurance to avoid business disruptions.

According to Gartner report, "Defects don't magically disappear by migrating to SaaS". Right quality assurance and testing is the best way to deal with them.

At STAG, we understand the QA challenges well for Cloud/SaaS enablement and our value proposition to CIOs include fulfillment of planned deployment, sound integration, great user experience and sustained robust performance of cloud applications for business continuity.

Cloud Test Practice

STAG has setup Cloud Test Practice to support CIOs in formulating test strategies in the pre-deployment and post-deployment phases of Cloud/SaaS apps leading to successful business adoption. Our CloudTest offering addresses the key QA challenges at various stages of the application life cycle as shown below:

CloudTest Service Offering

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Key Benefits

  • Cloud/SaaS enablement with high confidence.
  • Seamless integration with internal and external services.
  • Post deployment reduction in support and maintenance cost.
  • Robust performance and great user experience for business sustainability.
  • Reduce the risk of failing compliancy, breaching data privacy, data integrity.

Our strength

We are well-equipped with the needed infrastructure, and possess strong skills and expertise in various test tools, technologies, and practices required to perform the variety of tests that are necessary to validate the software for successful deployment. our expertise

Case Study

US based pioneer in Enterprise compliance learning management solutions.   To support their quality initiatives within the framework of regulatory compliance and enabling the client to focus on product development.  
  • Implemented efficient internal knowledge transfer mechanism.
  • Applied HBT concepts to identify gaps in the existing test cases and designed test cases within the framework of regulatory compliance.
  • Quality Chart dashboard to represent software quality objectively.
  • Improved test coverage by 50%.
  • Reduced number of non-conformance issues from a pre-engagement high of 20 to a healthy one by the fifth year.
  • Supported 18 product releases, 5 of them major.
A leading software provider of on-demand enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solutions.   The product was becoming increasingly complex due to the inclusion of additional functionality and also an increase in browser and language support due to market considerations. The test automation coverage was highly inadequate, resulting in severe quality issues. Presence of legacy test cases that had not been updated for the past two years was another issue. The application was developed using .Net and had a number of application objects that had limited support from the QTP tool.  
  • Setup good baseline for test automation.
  • Applied HBT principles of test automation to create architecture to be compatible with the Quality Centre-enabled data drive, and for scheduling and execution of the test scripts from Quality Centre.
  • Smart workarounds to resolve some customized and non-standard UI controls.
  • Test cases were improved for completeness and adequacy while eliminating duplicates.
  • Improved test coverage by 50%.
  • Effective automation framework, ensured test enhancement and optimization, sustainability and repeatability.
  • Significant reduction in the regression cycle time: bringing down the number of manual testing hours from 220 to 23 - a staggering 90% reduction and cut down the number of QA releases by six times.


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