“A true partner to GXS, STAG has worked with almost all the groups and has also provided boutique solutions like Test design services and end-to-end automation of the Trading Grid using QTP and Perl.”

Ramesh B R, Program Manager, GXS
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Clean EMobility

Enabling enterprise-wide mobility adoption

Mobile applications now are being used by enterprises to enable people work smarter on the move, even increase their productivity and drive business revenues. The need for mobility has reset the CIO expectations of what constitutes application quality vis-a-vis traditional software quality as the mobile era adds another dimension of complexity to users' needs, demands and expectations. Some of the typical challenges include:

  • Which devices, browsers, form factors and platform versions do we test on?
  • When do we test?
  • Which app features do we test and to what level of detail?
  • How do we test? Which tools, services and processes will be most effective?

Mobile users' expect convenience, robust performance and usability on the move, and at STAG we understand the QA challenges well in incorporating mobility to business. Our Enterprise Mobility Test Practice has been setup to support CIOs in formulating test strategies and priorities - whether they are embarking on mobility or already implemented mobility - that results in accelerated high confidence app releases and maximized end-user adoption. Clean EMobility, the service offering focus on success factors for enterprise mobility enablement in 3 layers viz., Client-level, Communication-level and Enterprise-level, to resolve the challenges and deliver the right outcomes.

EMobility Service Offering

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Key Benefits

  • Accelerated 'Go Mobile' with high confidence.
  • Faster Enterprise-wide adoption - user convenience & acceptance.
  • High usability - seamless integrated mobile solutions.
  • Robust performance - increased employee productivity.
  • Low support cost.
  • Reduce the risk of failing compliancy, breaching data privacy, data integrity.

Our strength

We have worked with a range of companies from startups to established organizations, spanning over 150 person years of experience and contributed to over 30 clean software releases in the area of mobile phone applications, their back end systems, value added services, device firmware and communication protocols. Our expertise

Case Study

US based in the wireless technology space and specializing in video optimization products for the mobile and Internet platforms.   The product was a new initiative, there was need for a high degree of reliability and tight integration with the prospective customer's existing systems and interfaces to gain the all-important client buy-in.  
  • End to end independent testing.
  • Setup local test lab.
  • Applied HBT concepts to identify product risks and design test cases.
  • Isolated 25% of defects in the pre-QA release stage of the identified components under test.
  • 65% reduction in testing effort.
  • Advancement in product stability
  • Robust product performance during client-demo resulting in client buy-in
India Development Center (IDC) of a world leader in 3G and next generation mobile technologies.   The product components from different development centers were integrated at the IDC and then sent for field-testing at an overseas site. The field-testing QA team spent considerable amount of time detecting system-level defects, leading to an increase in field testing effort and, therefore, delay in product release.  
  • Re-engineered test practices and streamlined process.
  • Introduced the concept of build and release notes, which helped to prioritize the testing tasks, and provide essential timely feedback to the development team for quick and measurable progress in product development.
  • Applied HBT techniques to design cases and executed them incrementally for every release.
  • Automation framework to detect defects at the SIP level.
  • 60% reduction in testing cycle.
  • 90% reduction in network independent system level defects to field testing.


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